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Did you know that not all homes qualify for Solar? Our energy experts will compare your roof’s sun-hours to your electric consumption. If everything looks good, we will come up with an in-depth report to go over with you in-home. If your home doesn’t qualify, you will receive a call or email explaining why.

In-Home Energy Consultation

Solar can be confusing! Our solar experts will educate you, go over your home’s report, and answer any questions that you have. Our goal is to make your transition to solar seamless from start to finish.

Site Survey

Our proposal and design software is state of the art. However, we can’t guarantee the home will qualify until we inspect the roof and electrical. We will schedule a time to have a Site Surveyor come out and inspect the home in person. At this point, we will determine if the home is ready for solar. If so, we will file for permits.


After we’ve received all permit approvals, we’re ready to install! We call to schedule a convenient time to install your new solar system. Prepare for jealous neighbors as our detail-oriented install crews complete your installation. This step is usually done in one day.

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